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Nos publications

  • Büki B, Avan P, Dordain M, Lemaire JJ, Chazal J, Ribari O. Otoacoustic emissions: a new tool for monitoring intracranial pressure changes through stapes displacements. Hear. Res, 1996, 94, 125-139.
  • Avan P, Büki B, Maat B, Dordain M, Wit HP. Middle ear influence on otoacoustic emissions. I: Noninvasive investigation of the human transmission apparatus and comparison with model results. Hear.Res., 2000, 140, 189-201
  • Büki B, De Kleine E, Wit HP, Avan P. Detection of intracochlear and intracranial pressure changes with otoacoustic emissions : a gerbil model. Hear. Res., 2002, 167, 180-191.
  • Avan P, Gilain L, Mom T, Büki B. A glimpse of intracochlear pressure through middle ear assessment experiments and models. In: K.Gyo and H.Wada, eds, "Middle ear mechanics in research and otology", World Scientific, Singapore, 2004, pp.126-133.
  • Avan P, Buzer L, Denise P et al., Intracranial pressure dynamics in microgravity generated during parabolic flights: non-invasive appraisal by otoacoustic emissions. 15th IAA Humans in Space Symposium, Graz, May 2005.

Bibliographie complémentaire

  • Kemp DT, Stimulated acoustic emissions from within the human auditory system. J Acoust Soc Am. 1978, 64, 1386-1391.
  • Densert B, Arlinger S, Odkvist LM. New technology to control symptoms in Meniere's disease. Acta Otolaryngol. 2000,120, 672-674.
  • Gates GA, Green JD Jr, Tucci DL, Telian SA. The effects of transtympanic micropressure treatment in people with unilateral Meniere's disease. Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2004, 130, 718-725.

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